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Expert Hacker Arrested On Charges of Hacking Govt Sites and Buying Drugs on Dark Web

NordVPN Added A Feature That Monitors Leaked Data On Dark Web

Pharmacist and Drug Dealer are Sentenced to Prison for Conspiracy to destroy a rival pharmacy

Dark Web Has Become a Market of Corona-virus Vaccines Scams

Credit Card hackers don’t need malware to steal card numbers and make money

Silk Road Dark Web Market founder ex-girlfriend talks about the relationship they had

Darkweb Vendor Sentenced for Planning to Firebomb a Pharmacy

Dark Web Kidnapping: 7-Year-Old Russian Boy Rescued After 52 Days

Techie Arrested For Helping The Dark Web Drug Peddlers

Cyber Security News

Sploitus exploit search engine comes under DMCA fire, search engine page removal

DDoS attacks more numerous, diverse, but smaller in Q3 of 2020

‘As long as people are the ones writing code, there’s going to be insecure code’ – Tommy DeVoss on his post-jail bug bounty exploits

CyberSeal arrests: Malware code encryption suspects apprehended in Romania

Two critical bugs in Apache Unomi allowed attackers to run OS commands on vulnerable servers

Computer Misuse Act: Most UK cybersecurity pros fear breaking the law by simply doing their jobs

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