February 28, 2021

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Three Arrested for Selling Opioids on Darkweb Markets

A Bitcoin trader identified a darkweb vendor for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Read More

Twitter Scam: Fraudsters Earned $145K+ in Bitcoin, Ethereum And Dogecoin

The cryptocurrency scammers had earned a minimum of $145,000 this week through promoting fake giveaways using hacked verified Twitter accounts, causing massive Twitter scam. Last month it had…

That Intelligent Chat Bot

On the post Is There AI on the Dark Web?, I had mentioned a very intelligent chat bot I’d used several years ago. It turns out that the site happens to be on the Wayback Machine here, for…

Four Arrested in Germany for Selling Drugs on the Darkweb

German Customs arrested four men suspected of selling prescription medication and other drugs on the darkweb. Read More

Cryptophone: A New Way To Keep Your Cryptocurrency Safe

Cryptocurrencies or digital currencies seem to be the new currency that the majority of people rely on. Being digital assets, it is vulnerable to getting hacked, and people owing them can get…

Interesting Mystery YouTuber: Chill Fuel

There’s a relatively new YouTuber named Chill Fuel, who covers the types of mysteries that I’ve written about on here many times. At the time of this writing, he’s only uploaded two videos,…

Facebook Illegal Trade: Experts Call To Address Issue

The experts who had been tracking the online crime had urged the United States prosecutors to address the Facebook illegal trade of drugs and other goods through its pages. It has been seen…

How To Secure Your Bitcoin Wallet?

Bitcoin (BTC), the most talked about and used cryptocurrencies, has attracted an enormous mass of people since it gained popularity. This is probably the first-ever digital currency or…

Cashalo: 3.3 Million Users’ Data Sold On The Darknet

The Philippine-based online lending application Cashalo had been suffering from a massive data loss. Data of 3.3 million users had been sold over two dark web websites, as the National Privacy…’s “harmful software” List

In the same vein as the post Privacy-Respecting Alternatives to Popular Services, qorg11, author of the tech blog, has a long list of what he considers “harmful software,” i.e.…

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