April 17, 2021

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ProxyLogon Exploit: Attackers Install Cryptojacker

The threat actors have targeted the ProxyLogon exploit, the compromised exchange servers for hosting the malicious Monero (XMR) crypto miner in a very unusual attack. The Sophos researchers…

Coinbase Exchange Soars In The Cryptocurrency Market

The Coinbase exchange has made an enthusiastic debut on Wall Street the past day. The cryptocurrency exchange shares have soared as high as $429, offering it a market value of over $100…

Route Mobile Servers Allegedly Compromised And Is Under Investigation

The hackers have allegedly taken hold of Route Mobile servers, the enterprise communications firm or a Cloud Communication platform. The hackers have sold the internal data on Telegram for…

COVID Unemployment Scammer Sentenced to Prison

A fraudster in California will spend more than three years in federal prison for using stolen information purchased on the darkweb to fraudulently receive more than $500,000 in COVID-19…

Silk Road Hacker “Individual X” About To Be Identified

A serial fabricator bearing a pretty shady past has recently been suggested as the real identity behind the pseudonym “Individual X”. The Silk Road hacker Individual X had stolen Bitcoin (BTC)…

Former Police Employee Denies Selling Guns on the Darkweb

A 57-year-old Swiss man who formerly worked for the police denied selling diverted police weapons on the darkweb. Read More

Upstox Data Breach: Which Information Is In Danger?

Upstox, the retail broking firm or trading brokerage company, has recently alerted its customers of a security breach. The data breach had included the KYC details and the contact data of the…

LinkedIn Hack: 500M Users’ Data Posted Online For Sale

Personal data of LinkedIn users’ has been leaked online for sale owing to a massive LinkedIn hack. The hackers had compromised 500 million user data from the company’s database and released it…

Italian Man Allegedly Hired a Hitman on the Darkweb

The Italian Postal and Communication Police arrested an Italian man who allegedly hired a hitman on the darkweb to assault his ex-girlfriend. Read More

How Has Covid-19 Affected Human Smuggling Operations Around The World?

The Coronavirus Pandemic has exerted immense pressure on all sectors and has hindered their functionalities. True by all means, the organizations’ human smuggling operations are going through…

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