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👋 Hello everyone,

Digital ads, target marketing, and irrelevant offers are all around us. It’s a constant race of advertisers trying to track you down and you trying to avoid ads from them. At least that’s my case.

So, what I do?
– I install ad blockers
– I opt-out from “tailored for you” platform ads
– I avoid leaving my name, phone number or emails (real or fake)

But, just like others, I still do want to get information about the deals and discounts that I’m interested in. I’m still willing to buy the product. The thing is that I would like to be in control more what kind of ads I’m getting. I don’t want someone to suppose what I would like to buy.

So we built Bee Informed. For people like me. It’s not a replacement for the existing digital advertisement tools, but an extension.

Bee Informed app provides people like me a way to follow vendors/businesses/shops that are already on the platform without even creating an account or connecting with existing, social ones. We made it that way so I can stay fully anonymous. Still, I can tailor it according to my personal interests. I have a dedicated app for offers and not just any offers, but the offers I choose to receive. So its not some random ads on my social network timeline but a separate place with the offers that are interesting to me. Not assumed by some AI that is looking at my likes or other activities.

Having that said, vendors can send offers to this audience and expect higher conversion rates since these people already opt-in to get their updates. We are skipping that part If you are in this age or sex group, If you previously liked this or that, if you live here or there. We go straight to the point. We deliver offers to people who are really interested in seeing it and are willing to buy it.

Vendors can segment their offers so you get even more precise deals. For example, I would like to buy some shoes. I’m not interested in Women’s shoes or Kids’ shoes. You get the point.

We would like to hear your feedback, questions, or whatever you want to say.

Cheers, Bruno

– Bruno Raljić


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