CrowdSec — The massively multiplayer firewall

Dear all,

I am very glad to introduce CrowdSec.

Throughout a couple of decades working in cyber security, I could realize the following: individuals and SMBs need robust security the most and are the ones that get it the least. I wanted to fix that issue and also bring a collaborative aspect to security.

That’s why my team and I created CrowdSec: to make security accessible to everyone and so that we can protect each other. As of today, the solution is available for Linux, with Windows and Mac OS X in the works. Community users range from individuals to small companies and hosting groups. Altogether they blocked 125,000+ malicious IPs in 3 months.

We are looking for users and contributors to take the project to the next level. Because the more people use CrowdSec, the safer the Internet will be.

Would love to hear your thoughts about the tool and see you join the community! If you’d like to test it, you can use the following tutorial to get started:

Thanks in advance for sharing your feedback. It means a lot to us.


– Philippe Humeau


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