Data Breach Checker — Check if your email address was compromised

👋 Hey there Product Hunters!

🤓 The motivation behind this tool was to aggregate data from multiple sources, including our own, to create the largest database of data breaches and pasted logs on the web. We’re starting with “Have I Been Pwned” by Troy Hunt, which is endorsed by global government NetSec agencies and the all-around go-to database for this.

🕵🏻‍♂️ We’ll be scouring the dark-net and hacking forums for database leaks, cross checking them with existing data and aggregating them to the cloud database. We’re not hosting this database on our own servers, so in the unfortunate but unlikely event that we get hacked, the database is on a different server with completely different security.

⭐️ We’ll also be adding new services similar to Have I Been Pwned, as well as a feature to notify you in case your email address was compromised in a new data breach. Hope this proves to be useful.

Thanks, have a great day! 🖖

– Serge


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