Data Dividend Project — Our data is our property. Take back control over your data.

During my campaign, I argued that our data should be ours. That sounds obvious, but today big tech companies and data brokers are selling and re-selling our data every day and we are none the wiser.

Today, I’m announcing the launch of the Data Dividend Project. A movement to empower Americans to take back control of their data. The tech companies have billions of dollars and hundreds of lawyers. What does the average citizen have? The DDP aims to gather together hundreds of thousands of Americans to collectively bargain for your data rights that are currently being exploited by the big technology companies. The tech companies will be faced with a choice -uphold their users’ data rights, compensate users appropriately or risk losing their license to the data that fuels their business.

It’s called the Data Dividend Project because the goal is to change the status quo so that, if you choose to share your data, YOU can get paid for the use of your data. After all, if anyone is making money off of your data, shouldn’t it be you? Sign-up today at

– Andrew Yang


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