e-Privacy by Loginhood — Cookie banners that don’t suck

Hey Product Hunt community!

We’re excited to share our re-imagined cookie banners, which handle CCPA & Facebook’s Limited Data Use compliance through an interface that isn’t a terrible user experience.

At Loginhood, we think these new privacy restrictions can actually be a great opportunity to build a better relationship with your site visitors. So we built compliance banners with engaging features like:

✅ Native User Experience – Last time we checked, there was no clause in the CCPA that required cookie banners to be ugly. Loginhood has designed banners that are native to your site experience, creating a welcoming experience for consumers.

✅ Data Collection – Through building our own consumer products, we’ve learned that individuals actually prefer to share data if it helps create a more personalized experience. This inspired us to take the necessity of compliance tools and use it as a way for consumers to opt-into further data-sharing for a more curated, personalized relationship with your business.

✅ Email Capture – By allowing them to choose data preferences to inform the content they prefer or the products they’re interested in, there is an opportunity to drive data-targeted subscription growth. Enable email capture to reward consumers for sharing data and begin creating highly personalized campaigns.

Privacy can be a great thing for your website and your readers/customers. Embrace it! Have a question about CCPA or Facebook’s Limited Data Use? Let us know below.

– Emery Andrew


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