Ethi — Find out what Facebook knows about you, and delete it.

Hey hunters!

We’re 3 first time founders stepping into the big wide world, so it’s super exciting to be able to show you all what we’ve built! We built Ethi because we think everyone should to be able to easily understand and control the data companies collect about them. But they don’t make it easy!

It’s crazy that the only way to find out (1) how companies track you, (2) what they know about you and (3) how they use your data, was to trawl through their privacy policies and settings!

Helping you understand and control your Facebook data is our first step towards our vision.

Unfortunately we didn’t manage to shoehorn in any cat memes or themes into Ethi yet (next time, I promise), but to make up for it we’ve made a **Special Promo Code** to give you 80% off your first month subscribed as an Early Believer (Just £1)! Use MASTERHUNTER in our Stripe Checkout-powered subscription to get that juicy deal.

One of our fundamental principles is that our user is never the product. This means we can’t give Ethi away completely free. But given that you need to trust us with your data (don’t worry, it’s encrypted), we think that’s a feature, not a bug! If you can’t afford it, drop us a Twitter DM @GetEthi and we’d be happy to help.

Looking forward to hearing what you think, feedback good and bad is appreciated! Remember: MASTERHUNTER – it works even if you’re not quite a “master” yet 😉

– Michael Jelly


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