Fontless — A simple, privacy-focused way to self-host Google Fonts.

Hey Producthunt! 👋

Fontless automatically generates and deploys a Google Fonts-like service just for you. 🔥 Everything can be configured right from your browser – no need to download anything. 🚀

Fontless is fully open source, so you don’t have to trust a black box.

For ages, web developers have trusted Google Fonts, without really knowing what it does and how it works. We have forced our website visitors to download fonts from somewhere else. Fontless aims to change that by offering the simplicity of a font-hosting-service with the performance and privacy of self-hosting fonts.

My tip is to configure a Fontless service with all fonts that you will ever use (my personal one has about 60 fonts) and use it for all of your projects.

⚡️ Lightning Fast – Fontless instances are hosted by Vercel’s super fast, global CDN.
🚀 Simple Setup – Fontless instances can be configured and deployed in a browser.
🔒 Privacy Oriented – No tracking, no cookies, no analytics. Just fonts.
😎 Google Fonts-like API – All you need to do is to change the hostname. Fontless has full support for the Google Fonts CSS2 API.
☝️ It’s yours – Fontless is open source and self-hosted. You don’t have to trust a black box.

I hope you like it. 🙌

If you have any ideas or feedback please tell me. I’d love to hear it. 🤷‍♂️


– Tobias Herber


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