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After our successful launch of our private beta, where we become the 2nd most upvoted product of the day and after nearly 2.000 beta-testers that joined us during the past months, we are glad to announce that Listy today is available for download for everyone.

We built Listy around a personal reflection that i’ve been thinking about for a year now: Bringing people back in control.

Companies fight for owning our interests, what we love, what we visit and use, because that information gives them leverage, gives them the power to know more about us, to sell our information to the best bidder, and to the very end, to become us into this: $.

We are not in control anymore, because we depend on those companies for keeping track of the things we love, and with each search, favorite or like we give them more power.

Now it’s time to bring you back in control, to let you own your digital life, to let you decide freely what to do with it.

That’s why we created Listy, to serve you and provide you control over your content, a tool to complement and amplify you, not a medium to transform you into a product. Everything in Listy is built & designed around this 2 main topics:

* Privacy and control over your content
* One stop shop for all the things you love

Now it’s time for you to decide what to do with your content.

– Ismael González


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