Meetsy — Invite friends for your events and gather everybody’s photos

Hey Product hunt,

I created an MVP to create ephemeral (= temporary) private social spaces around events as an alternative to all the permanent social media around us. Please check it out and let me know what you think about spinning-off certain parts of ‘big-social’ in more fun private apps.

These days, everybody is making photos at events. But you’re never in your own photos, so you would want to see everybody else’s shots as well. But sharing it with everybody at the event is kinda hard, as there might be different social groups present. And you also don’t want every photo posted for ever on social media.

With Meetsy, asking for the photos after the event is automated. This way everybody can enjoy the photos with themselves in them, and download them to their own photo albums before all photos are removed from the internet.

I also wrote a blog posts about my thoughts on ephemeral social media:


Kind regards,

– Oscar Edel


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