Nilly — Privacy-first web analytics from Switzerland

Ciao, I am Gianluca 👋 and I built nilly to offer privacy-first web analytics because I think you should be in full control of your data.

I am working on nilly completely independently without external capital or financial support. I am not interested in financing or a quick cash-out, but want to offer & grow a profitable service that customers can trust in and do not have to be afraid that a company in the background is selling their data.

With nilly, you can have all the benefits from learning about your website visitors without sacrificing your and your visitors privacy. You do not have to implement any annoying cookie notices and/or consent banners and you get all the information you need in a simple yet informative dashboard.

We support our planet & the world we live in and want to do our part and commit 1% of our revenue to sustainably protect the nature for all existing and future generations. Read more about our commitment here.

Use the code START20 for 20% off all plans (limited to 100 uses!)

If you need any help or have any questions, let me know here.

– Gianluca


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