Ocktet — Smart IoT threat detection in your Home powered by AI

Hey everyone, Ocktet is a project that came out of research I had done as a graduate student at the University of Chicago on using generative adversarial neural networks to defend against next-gen denial-of-service attacks. Last year, I pivoted my research to more generally defend home IoT devices against next-gen threats, motivated by the ever-growing ubiquity of IoT devices in our lives.

IoT devices in our homes are collecting massive amounts of the most personal information on us using really advanced cameras and sensors, and there’s little to no regulatory oversight on those devices.

IoT security is a really important problem, and we’re working hard to help answer these questions about the devices we bring into our homes:

– Are any of my IoT devices part of a botnet?
– Is my data being sent out of country?
– Is my data getting sent to a malicious 3rd party?
– How much data is being sent to advertising servers from each of my IoT devices?
– Are my IoT devices sending passwords or other sensitive information unencrypted?
– Do any of my IoT devices cause any abnormal behavior in other IoT devices on my WiFi network?
– Much more

Ocktet operates without collecting any data from your home: we don’t store your data on our servers; your data doesn’t even leave your WiFi network.

If you’re privacy-conscious and interested in helping advance the state of tech privacy by either signing up for the beta (https://ocktet.com/beta), or working with me (https://www.ocktet.com/partnerships), please let me know!

Twitter: @ocktet
Telegram: @ocktet
Contact Form: https://www.ocktet.com/about

Would love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments!

– Nitesh N


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