Offen — A fair alternative to common web analytics tools

Hi there PH, I’m Hendrik. Really excited to share Offen with you.

Terms such as ‘privacy protection’, ‘privacy-focused’ or ‘privacy friendly’ have been a major talking point in web analytics for quite some time now. Some analytics tools ‘do not use cookies’. Others ‘do not sell your data’. Some use ‘essential cookies only’ or have found other ‘GDPR-compliant’ solutions.

We as Offen are convinced that all these ‘privacy friendly’ features are an improvement, but they are still not enough to create a web that is significantly better. For this, they simply lack the necessary degree of fairness.

Users continue to be unaware what kind of data is collected and how it is being used. They still cannot access or delete it. This leaves them in the dark about their situation and does not help to reduce the latent distrust against web operators.

This is why we develop a fair web analytics tool that treats operators and users as equal parties. Our app is in the works since the end of 2019 and today we are happy to put it in the hands of all of you.

To continue to improve we appreciate any feedback. Please comment here or get in touch via @hioffen on Twitter.

I look forward to hearing from you. 💛 Thanks!

– Hendrik Niefeld


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