Plausible Analytics — Open source, privacy friendly Google Analytics alternative

Hello PH! 👋

Plausible Analytics launched about a year and a half ago and we’re finally on Product Hunt!

$3,919 MRR, more than 600 paying subscribers, removed Google Analytics from more than 3,600 websites and counted 59,351,293 pageviews in the last month.

Take a look at our open stats / live demo. Here’s what makes us different from Google Analytics:

🚀 Quick and simple to use with all the metrics displayed on one page
📊 Actionable and useful features such as referral and page drilldowns, and metrics such as visit duration by referral source
🤘 Lightweight script of less than 1 KB so sites load fast (45 times smaller script than the Google Analytics script)
👥 We don’t use cookies and don’t track personal data so you don’t need to bother your visitors with the cookie/GDPR banners
🇪🇺 All the data is secured, encrypted and hosted on a server in the EU to ensure it’s covered by the strict data privacy laws
👐 Open source and self-hostable with the code available on GitHub

We build everything in the open with a public roadmap so would love to hear your feedback and feature requests. Thank you!

– Marko Saric


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