Postagraph 3.0 — Private, intimate, and anonymous social messaging app

Hello guys! Hope everyone is well. I thought I’d start with a bit of background on why I built Postagraph.

Postagraph began with one thought: My identity is deeply influenced by the people around me. As a Nigerian immigrant, my community has helped me create my unique identity while living in the cultural melting pot that is America. I reached a crossroad earlier in my life; the choice between originality and conformity. When faced with this situation as a teenage boy, my choice was to keep my accent and name, even if it meant constantly repeating myself. As an entrepreneur, I chose and still choose to create a product that pushes people to discover their identity and share their original selves with those that celebrate their authenticity.

Naturally, we have come to define ourselves by the sum total of our experiences as well as by how others see us. Social media is largely now responsible for how we come to this definition. We latch onto comments, likes and experiences shared by others, while sacrificing our authenticity at the altar of today’s “performance culture”. But is it possible to get away from the digital noise? Can we maintain the benefits of social media and messaging platforms while propagating realistic personalities and safe spaces? Can I have a digital home that allows me to stay connected with only the people that I choose? The unequivocal answer is, well … yes!

Postagraph is your digital home. It is an intimate and private space for messaging and connecting with the people you choose.

Postagraph gives you total control over the people in your space. Users have to be invited via a magic word to special rooms called Hangouts in order to share content. Hangouts allow for the sharing of unfiltered videos, video calls, audio-visual content, sending event invites, planning activities, tracking events, sending direct messages and so much more.

On top of these social messaging features, there is a layer of ephemeral messaging. The app allows for anonymous and self-destructing group chats called Huddles. Like we love to say at Postagraph: What happens in a huddle, stays in a huddle!

So, to bring this all home, pun intended, you would be correct if you were to say Postagraph, the company, is a digital real estate developer. The first of its kind. We are in the business of building digital homes grounded in the foundational values of privacy, intimacy, authenticity, and community. Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp, and many of our competitors are the antithesis of this: they are driven by the broadcast model that connects a user to as many people and BOTS as possible: one-to-many, many-to-one. Postagraph is for the true and intentional relationships in your life.

– Pelumi Olatinpo


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