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Hey folks! 👋🏽 Thanks for stopping by and checking out QuickBudget!

Back in December, 2019 I started working on a simple budget calculator tool to help with my own financial decisions. With all the financial uncertainty brought on by COVID-19, I decided that it was a good time to launch my side project and hopefully help everyone gain a little more understanding about their spending and budgets.

The end result is QuickBudget — an easy-to-use tool, that helps you determine if you’re spending too much (or not enough!) in a variety of spending categories. The default spending guidelines are based on Canadian data, but can be adjusted for personal preference in the settings menu.

QuickBudget is great for reviewing your current expenses to see where your money is going, but also helpful to see how a financial decision (renting a house, buying a car) will affect your finances.

QuickBudget is also private-by-design. No personal information is collected or stored. The information you enter stays in your browser, and the website will even work offline. Currently you can export your data, but I’m still planning to implement saving your data locally (in the browser), and re-importing your data.

– Zaahir Moolla


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