SatoshiVPN — Run your own private & anonymous VPN server.

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I’m thrilled to share with you SatoshiVPN!

With recent news like the doxxing of Slate Star Codex and growing censorship concerns in places like Hong Kong, it’s never been more clear to me the importance of being able to anonymously access the open internet. But up until now, most effective VPN tools have required either advanced computer networking skills or the sacrifice of personal information to get started. Those were two costs that I found to be too great to bear.

So, I set out to build SatoshiVPN to provide everyday internet users access to an easy-to-use VPN software that is pre-installed on a private and anonymous server.

How does it work?
SatoshiVPN installs the an easy-to-use and open source VPN software, Outline (, on a private server located near you, so that you can access the open internet quickly and securely.

How much does it cost?
SatoshiVPN is free for one hour per day. If you want a longer lasting server, pay anonymously with Bitcoin at a rate of $0.99 USD for one day, or $0.55 USD/day for servers longer than one day.

Questions or concerns?
Please feel free to comment or reach out to us via Threema! I’d be glad to hear from you!

Get started for free:

– John Marbach


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