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Hey everyone ✌️

Excited to launch a side project we have been working on at BlockSurvey .

VideoFace is a asynchronous video communication tool. Use it to gather opinions, feedback, testimonials, and more.

It’s end to end encrypted and completely secure. Own your data(video) with VideoFace.

This project began approximately 3 months ago, our interns @alen_george01 and @apeksha_v were experimenting with video communication stack with a focus on privacy and security. @samjoe5 helped us with the design.

We got hooked with this project and ended up completing it working on weekends this month. It’s free to use and look forward to your feedback.

Tech Stack:
Account / Identity : Blockstack’s Decentralized Identity
Auth: Blockstack Connect
Storage: Gaia Decentralized Storage
Encryption: PGP & Blockstack Encryption

What’s next for VideoFace?
📝 Widgets
📝 Add video buffering for performance
📝 Analytics
📝 Notification
📝 Support for Safari and Firefox

If you would like to contribute, drop us a message!

Follow us on Twitter for more updates! Your feedback is welcome! 😊

Kind regards,

– Wilson Bright


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