Austrian Dark Web Investigation Results In The Porsche 911 Seizure

An alleged dark web vendor in Germany had undergone an investigation. The dark web investigation has led to the seizure of a Porsche 911 car. A follow-up investigation has led to the identification of 120 customers. 

In the initial months of this year, Vienna’s State Criminal Police Office has identified a darknet vendor from Germany aged 39 years. The public prosecutor’s office in Vienna has passed an order to arrest the alleged dark web vendor and imprison him at the Josefstadt prison in Vienna. Later on, the prosecutor’s office had further ordered to seize the Porsche 911 belonging to the suspect. A news outlet refers to the car to be from a “rare” category.

The prosecutor’s office had mentioned that the car is priced at 100,000 Euros. The period between early 2018 and the alleged suspect’s arrest in early 2020, the dark web drug vendor had earned over 450,000 euros, as the investigators state. While the execution of a search warrant at the residence of the suspect is already in processing, the cops had discovered several drugs from the spot such as cocaine, heroin, cannabis and psychedelic mushrooms. All of the drugs combinedly weighed a total of just two kilograms. Along with this, the cops had also found out 120 mail pieces consisting of assorted illegal substances.

One hundred twenty of the darknet vendor’s suspected customers were under the radar of law enforcement. The cops had conducted a  dark web investigation on all 120 of them on the 13th of September, 2020. The police were successful in matching the number of seized letters with the number of suspected customers. This indicates that the cops probably could not access the suspect’s vendor accounts. It could be that there was no evidence of the physical or digital records apart from the seized mails. Heute mentions that the suspect has yet not made any statements.

Law enforcement could make three arrests following the dark web investigation into the suspected customers. 

  1. An Austrian from the 3rd District aged 35 years
  2. An Austrian from the 10th District aged 33 years
  3. A Serb from the 10th District aged 41 years

Currently, the State Criminal Police Office is prioritizing the investigations of the sub-dealers or the suspected customers. They had purchased drugs intending to resell them either through the dark web or via local contacts. 

The good thing is that Europol has been credited to assist in the dark web investigation that has led to three arrests in just over half a year.

Source: DarknetLive

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