Businessman Utilized The Dark Web For Downloading Child Abusive Images

A businessman has utilized the dark web to download the child abusive images of several girls, who were as young as aged four years. The accused had been sent on a treatment course for the sex offenders. 

The accused had been identified as Bryan Horrocks, had been traced to his family home in Bideford. The cops were able to trace the accused owing to his online activity on the various social media and file sharing websites. The police had found that he had simultaneously been using the dark web anonymous browser for searching the images of young girls who had suffered critical abuse.

A business consultant by profession and aged 51, now residing elsewhere in the town had admitted three counts of creating child abusive images. The accused had been jailed for 18 months (one year and six months) and was suspended for two consecutive years. He was also ordered to attend the Maps for Change sex offenders’ course as a part of the 40 days of “rehabilitation activities”.

Horrocks was ordered additionally to pay a fine of £1,200 by Judge David Evans at Exeter Crown Court. He had been put on the register of sex offenders for ten long years and along with that made subject of a sexual harm prevention order that will enable the cops to monitor his activity on the internet for these ten years.

The judge told him: “Each image was a recording of a child being abused sexually. You viewed them solely for your sexual gratification. That is utterly despicable.”

The prosecuting named Edward Bailey had mentioned that the cops had raided the residence of the accused back on 23rd of April last year. He had indicated that they would find illicit materials on devices like a laptop and a phone.

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Image: The Times

The experts were able to recover nine child abusive images that fell in the worst category A, 66 more images belonging to the category B while another 76 images fell in the lowest category that is C. Most of the girls whose child abusive images had been recovered were aged between four and six. The search term displayed that the accused had been looking for illegal websites. 

Mr Bailey said: “He stated he quickly became hooked and addicted to accessing and viewing the material.”

The defending, Jason Beal had mentioned that the accused had completed a complete course with the Lucy Faithfull Foundation that had provided him with an insight into the behaviour of Horrocks and various ways to prevent his addiction that keeps on resurfacing. 

Horrocks had already been punished by the loss of his previous goodwill and reputation. He had also undergone the break-up of his marriage. The accused had also demonstrated his remorse via the steps that he has adopted to change his attitudes and actions.

Source: North Devon Gazette

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