Hackers Threaten Sensitive Data Leakage On The Dark Web

A group of hackers have threatened to cause data leakage to one of the power distribution companies or power station of Karachi on not paying the demanded ransom. They informed that the confidential documents will be kept on hold but will be made public if the sole distributor fails to clear the stated amount within the stipulated time.

The hacker has demanded $38 million from the K-Electric power station to dissolve the website siege that had affected the company from the 7th of September this year. Many of the website functions have been disabled that includes the correspondence with the banks along with the internal communication and emails.

On responding to the media queries, KE had earlier admitted that its system had been hacked, threatened for data leak and that they have sought help from the cybersecurity companies and the international experts for reclaiming and salvaging the KE website from the grip of the hackers.

The hacking event that had taken place on the KE portal had been reported on the 7th of September, that stated its IT department had halted the links with the banks and the internal communication. Else, it was creating problems for the sole electric supplier of the city.

As per KE, the customers might experience some disruption while accessing the duplicate bills from the website of the K-Electric power station. Nevertheless, all of the call centres are operational for all the correspondences.

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Initially, the hackers had stated the deadline to be of the 15th of September to the K-Electric power station for paying the amount. Failing to which, they had threatened that the amount of ransom utilising Netwalker ransomware would quickly double up.

On the 8th of September, the KE power station authorities have said that the company is not permitted to issue any electric bills to the consumers in various regions as the billing system turned non-functional following the attack.

A KE spokesperson had said that they had lodged a complaint with the FIA regarding the hacking incident. In a message, the hackers have asked the victim company to contact them via the dark web.

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