How To Know & Prevent Phone Hacking

Do you think hackers only hack the desktops and laptops? If you still believe in it, you need to upgrade yourself soon! Hackers are smart enough, and they can hack your mobile (smartphones) and tablets as well as irrespective of what Operating System you use. The rate of phone hacking today is unimaginable. A study reveals that hacking has increased by 11% between the years 2018 and 2019. Back in 2017, it has been calculated that in per 39 seconds, hackers conduct a hack. 

Are you worried about your device being hacked? How would you identify if your phone has been hacked? Well, here is the article that describes how you can detect if your phone has been hacked and how you would prevent them further.

How To Know That Your Phone Has Been Compromised?

Some of the common symptoms that might hit you as a red flag will state if the hackers have compromised your smartphone. If one or two signs are detected, it could be not very pleasant. But a series of the symptoms if noticed, can mean a virus infects your phone or that it has been the target of a hacker.

Below are all the symptoms that prove that your phone is hacked. You can cross-check with the symptoms, and if found hacked, you can take preventive measures accordingly.

    • Your Device Is Heating Up Or Slowing Down Unnecessarily Along With Battery Getting Drained Faster

If your phone is getting slowed down or heating up faster or consuming more battery power, then there could be several reasons for it. It is a matter to worry about if you have not updated your OS for the longest time and you are not running any apps that are resource-intensive. This could be a red flag which could point out that there is malware running in the background caused by phone hacking. There is a strong possibility that the threat actors are mining cryptocurrencies, and the process is resource-intensive.

It is necessary for you to check the running apps that run in the background, how much memory they have occupied and how much free space is still left out on your device. If there is no reason you can find to justify the occurrence, then your phone has already been infected.

    • Your Contacts Complaint Of Messages You Are Unaware Of

In case your phone has been hacked, and malware installed, in the process of spreading itself, the malware may use your phone’s instant messaging services, and email and spread itself to the contact list. Using these apps and softwares, the malware typically sends messages to your contacts in your name, and each message contains a link or a file that is meant to infect other devices. If you receive a complaint of people getting messages and you do not have a track of that, then you must look into it with no delay.

    • You Detect Sudden Hike In Phone Bill Or Data Usage

If you have been hit by an unexpected increase in the phone bill or the data usage, it could be said that the hackers are trying to mine cryptocurrencies or stealing your photos. This is also a sign that the hackers are continuously spying on you after they have gotten themselves into phone hacking. For the case of the rise in the phone bill and that you have not conducted those calls from your cell phone, it means that the hackers have compromised your phone and they are using your phone as a proxy. 

Additionally, you can also check upon the interference when you are on a call or strange background noises. This states that there is a weak reception or maybe your call is being tapped, and someone is prying on you by recording your calls.

    • You Come Across A Newly Installed App Or Antivirus Software Getting Uninstalled You Are Unaware Of

If you find that a new app has been installed in your phone that you have not done, it would mean that someone (also probably a hacker) might have installed spyware to keep track of what you do on your phone. If the installed antivirus of your phone gets uninstalled without you knowing about it, then you can take it as a virus getting into your phone through phone hacking and protecting itself by uninstalling the software. 

    • Your Phone Settings Got Altered Mysteriously

If you find that your phone settings got altered without you knowing about it, then probably the hacker is manipulating your phone’s settings. You could spot your phone’s Bluetooth stays turned on, which means that the installed malware is using your Bluetooth to infect other devices or transmitting data and has conducted mobile hacking

    • Your Phone Acts Bizarrely, Gets Rebooted or Does Not Shut Down At All

If your phone is not really acting the way it should have been, or it gets restarted without any warning or if it does not shut down at all, then you can take it as a software error. Alternatively, it could also mean that a hacker or a virus is remotely accessing your phone.

    • Your Credit Card Lists Out Transactions That You Did Not Make

This states that you might have undergone some form of credit card fraud. The malware that might have been installed in your phone can collect details of your saved credit cards. If this is such a case, make sure to check with your bank once. 

How Would You Remove A Hacker From Your Phone?

The only way to remove the hacker from your phone is to undergo a factory reset and install an updated operating system (OS) from the service provider. If your phone has been hacked and you could be sure of that, your first step would be to go to your phone settings and then into the security.

Next, go inside the “Security” visit “System Administrator” or “Device Administrator”, which is the primary location of the majority of the spyware apps that gain access to your mobile device. Thus, you need first to check there to address the problem adequately. 

Another approach to this is by downloading specific apps that are capable of providing you with a list of applications present on your phone and all the related details such as type of application, their function and their source of download. 

How To Know Who Has Hacked Your Phone

For an average user, it isn’t easy to find out who has hacked his phone. But it is not impossible. You typically let the hackers enter your Android or iOS phone when you have permitted installing the unofficial apps on your device. But as far as the regular hackers or cybercriminals are concerned, they might have hacked you as you proved to be an easy target. 

On saying this if you find an official app, say from Google Play Store or Apple Store, meant for spying installed on the phone, be rest assured that someone has physically accessed your phone and installed the application. This could be someone who might regularly access your phone or someone who knows your password. But in this case, it would be relatively hard to tell who broke in as they would not do anything logging into their accounts. 

How Will You Prevent Phone Hacking?

There are specific vital pointers that you need to keep in mind, which will help you from getting hacked:

  • Avoid public Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Stick to the official apps or from the official source
  • Do not download any suspicious attachments or access any suspicious links
  • Install updated antivirus software and make sure to update whenever a prompt is flashed
  • Charge your phone only using a secure charger
  • Lock your phone using a secure pin 
  • Never leave your phone unattended
  • Use a premium VPN

While using a VPN, make sure it is not free and not malware-infected. Renew your VPN when it expires. This will ensure you are safe and secure.

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