Lactalis: World’s Leading Dairy Group Suffers Important Stolen Data

The world’s leading dairy group, Lactalis, had recently opened up about a cyber-attack following data loss from some of the company’s systems. The Lactalis Group currently has 85,000 employees in 51 countries, and the company exports dairy products to more than a hundred countries worldwide.

The dairy group dominates various leading international brands that comprise Galbani, Lactel, Parmalat, Président and Santal. In the latest press release, Lactalis had mentioned that only a few computers on its network had been compromised in the cyberattack. 

“The Lactalis Group has detected an intrusion on part of its IT network,” the company said. “We immediately took steps to contain this attack and have notified the competent authorities.”

“The results of our investigations establish that a malicious third party seeks to break into our servers.”

The dairy company had added that there was no data leak to report in accordance with an ongoing investigation regarding this incident.

“Our IT teams are fully mobilized and supported by experts recognized in cybersecurity,” the press release reads. “Our investigation with them revealed no data breach at this point.”

Soon after, Lactalis had taken down its IT systems on all company sites and was highly affected by the cyberattack. 

Lactalis teams are working to protect the interests of our customers, our partners, and our employees,” the company added. “This is why we have restricted, at our initiative to as a preventive measure, our access to the public internet network.”

While the dairy giant stated that no data had been stolen during the cyberattack, the threat actors usually steal the sensitive information and document at the time of spreading via a compromised network. Such kind of attacks mostly lead to extortion attempts, and that the stolen data gets published on various data leak websites in case a ransom is not paid.

A Lactalis spokesperson had provided the following statement:

“We had detected an attack on part of our IT network. The measures to limit the impact of this incident were taken immediately and the relevant authorities have been notified.”

“As a precautionary measure, we have taken the initiative to limit our access to the public internet network and we are working to carry out all our activities under the usual conditions.”

“The conclusions of investigations carried out have determined that a malicious third party is trying to break into our servers. Our IT team has fully mobilized in response to this regrettable incident, with the support of cyber security experts.”

“No data breach has been identified at this stage and we continue to operate normally in line with our commitments.”

Source: Bleeping Computer

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