Ledger Owners Lost 1.1 Million XRP Via Phishing Attacks

The Ledger customers are experiencing a spike in the phishing attempts following a significant data leak involving the email IDs, passwords and various other personal information. The phishing attempts, along with the various other scams, are on the rise. The sudden surge in the scams is due to one paramount scam incident netting over 1,150,000 XRP from its victims.

The scam had utilized a phishing email that redirected the users to a fake variety of the Ledger website. The fake Ledger website had substituted a homoglyph in the URL where a letter resembling the alphabet “e” was used. The phoney website forced the users to download malware by fooling them, prompting them to download a security update that drained the victims’ balance from their Ledger wallet. 

As per a community that runs fraud awareness website Xrplorer, the Ripple (XRP) that has been collected from the scam had been sent to Bittrex (a well-known cryptocurrency exchange) across five deposits, however, the crypto exchange was unsuccessful in seizing the XRP in time.

In an ongoing scam that is similar to the previous one, a phishing email seems to be sent from the official account of “Team Ripple”. The email appealed to the Ledger users by offering them with a giveaway to the “whitelisted addresses” which supposedly was a part of a “Community Support Program”. The registration processes required handing over the users’ Ledger seed phrase or the cryptocurrency private key to qualifying for the non-existent program.

On the 29th of July this year, an email was sent to the customers where the Ledger acknowledged that they had been a victim of the data theft that resulted in the compromisation of the email addresses close to a million. Apart from the email addresses, personal details of 9,500 customers were also taken into grip by the hackers. However, the vulnerability that led to the data leak on the Ledger website had already been patched. But the consequences of the data loss was significant, and the scammers seem to be coming up with yet new creative techniques for using the addresses and trick the Ledger users into giving up their crypto coins.

It has been seen that conducting phishing scams utilizing the homoglyph containing URLs is not that new and the scams that employ this tactic have been continuously targeting the Ripple (XRP) holders all throughout the years, even prior to the email leak.

Back in 2018, the scammers had set up a fake Binance website having an SSL certificate utilizing homoglyphs in the URL where the alphabet “n” had been replaced with a version of the same alphabet containing a dot underneath it (ṇ). Also, in March 2018, the scammers created a fake Google Chrome extension for the Ledger and managed to steal 1.4 million XRP in less than just thirty days.

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