Techie Arrested For Helping The Dark Web Drug Peddlers

The Central Crime Branch (CCB) has arrested a Bengaluru based computer programmer aged 25 years lately on account of allegedly hacking several government websites. The accused had also helped the drug peddlers to procure drugs from the dark web. The police stated that the accused had been using the alias “Shreeki” for conducting the illegal activities.

The CCB was successful in reaching the techie through the interrogation of eight individuals that even included the son of a political entity who had also been arrested. The political individual was arrested for sheltering and as well as hosting two of his friends who happened to be drug peddlers in Goa. 

Media has revealed that the Bengaluru Police Commissioner had mentioned that the accused is a pro computer programmer. The accused could have utilized his skill for a useful purpose, but he has landed into the gang of the drug peddlers

“He hacked many websites, online gaming portals, and made illegal gains. He has also tried to hack into government websites. In some cases, he has succeeded too. He successfully hacked into the Karnataka e-procurement website some time ago,” the commissioner revealed.

The police had informed that Shreeki had a pretty impressive biodata that mentions that before he became a pro computer programmer, he had completed his three-year computer graduate programme from the Netherlands. 

“He lived in Amsterdam for his studies between 2014 to 2017. He studied in a reputed university over there,” the police note revealed.

The police stated that after the accused had returned from the Netherlands, he had become a mischievous hacker and was addicted to the consumption of hydro ganja. Hydro ganja is readily available in Amsterdam across the shop counters. 

“The Netherlands is one of the few countries where consumption of marijuana is legal,” an investigation officer stated.

In the routine investigation of eight persons, the police had heard of Shreeki’s name quite a lot of times and that he had helped them to procure ganja or marijuana from the dark web. Additionally, Shreeki had also hacked numerous gaming portals, specifically the online gambling ones. He used to gather the winning cards of the players which he used to procure Bitcoin (BTC). The procured bitcoins were used to buy weed via the dark web. The police had also explained the complicated way that the accused had adopted to make illicit gains via hacking.

Furthermore, the accused had even breached the company websites and threatened the authorities to destroy essential data from the servers. 

The gang consists of eight members used to acquire drugs from the dark web and enjoy lavish lifestyles in luxurious resorts and apartments in and around the city. They also used to organize high-profile rave parties utilizing the money earned from several illegal activities, including aiding the drug peddlers.

Another accused related to the case had been caught red-handed outside The Bengaluru Foreign Post Office with hydroponically grown marijuana weighing 500 grams. One gram of the marijuana cost between 2,000 bucks and 3,000 bucks in the market. The CCB had come to know that this accused and his associates had allegedly placed an order for cannabis on the darknet by paying Bitcoin.

Source: The News Minute

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