39 year-old Austrian arrested for Darknet dealing

The criminal investigation department arrested a 39-year-old man who was dealing drugs in darknet. In the process, customers were investigated and a Porsche was confiscated.

The Office for Combating Addictive Drugs Crime of the Federal Criminal Police Office succeeded in meticulously conducting an investigation into a 39-year-old German citizen. The man had been dealing drugs via darknet since the beginning of 2018 and apparently had a weakness for expensive vintage cars.

In close cooperation with the Vienna State Office of Criminal Investigation and the analysis department of Europol, the man was arrested in Vienna-Alsergrund as early as March 17, 2020 with the support of the Cobra. By order of the Vienna Public Prosecutor’s Office, the 39-year-old was admitted to Josefstadt Prison.

Based on further investigations, a total of 120 customers were identified. In addition, a 33-year-old Austrian and a 41-year-old Serb from the 10th district and a 35-year-old Austrian from the 3rd district were arrested in June 2020. The Criminal Investigation Department is currently continuing its investigations in order to find further buyers and so-called sub-dealers.

From the beginning of 2018 until the time of his arrest, the 39-year-old German was able to prove that he had received accounts in Germany and abroad in the amount of approximately 450,000 euros. During his arrest, two kilograms of drugs, including cannabis herb, psychoactive mushrooms, heroin and cocaine were seized. Investigators also found a low four-figure euro amount in the apartment and 120 mail items already filled with drugs. The suspected drug dealer has been ironclad in silence and has not yet made any statements.
Weakness for classic Porsche cars

Thanks to international cooperation between the authorities, the German police were able to secure a rare vintage Porsche in Bavaria. The public prosecutor’s office in Vienna ordered the confiscation of the 911, whose value is estimated at around 100,000 euros.

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