Dominican Citizen Extradited For Drug Trafficking Through Internet Pharmacy

Acting U.S. Attorney announced that the Dominican Republic citizen Jose Francisco Guzman-Cabrera was extradited from the Dominican Republic yesterday. Cabrera is charged with conspiracy to distribute controlled substances, including oxycodone , hydrocodone, fentanyl analog p-fluoroisobutyryl fentanyl, and synthetic opioid U-47700, distribution over the Internet of controlled substances, and conspiracy to commit money laundering, in connection with a large-scale drug distribution operation intended to be an online pharmacy. Cabrera was arrested in the Dominican Republic on July 3, 2020, and was presented before the United States today. Judge Magistrate James L. Cott. The case of Cabrera is allotted to U.S. Sidney H. Stein, district judge.

The investigation that led to the extradition of Guzman-Cabrera began in March 2017, after the death of a drug user from an opioid overdose in Idaho. The investigators found the victim had been buying painkillers from an online pharmacy. Further investigations revealed that prescription pills were sold by the online pharmacy to users from all over the USA. The investigators then made numerous undercover purchases of oxycodone and hydrocodone as the investigation progressed.

During the investigation the investigators found that the drug trafficking activity was led by the Dominican Republic-based Guzman-Cabrera. He secretly supervised purchasing the drugs from overseas suppliers and had them delivered to different distribution centers in the United States. Guzman-Cabrera gave specifics of the order and mailing addresses to his co-conspirators in the distribution centers, after receiving orders on the website of the pharmacy. Those co-conspirators will then give the narcotics out to the client. Co-conspirators Guzman-Cabrera also obtained commissions on his behalf and sent money to the Dominican Republic via various methods of money transfer.

The investigators searched a house in New Jersey in 2018 suspected to be one of the distribution centers for the Guzman-Cabrera. The hunt brought about the seizure of about 100,000 tablets. Some of the tablets allegedly contained the p-fluoroisobutyryl fentanyl analog fentanyl while others contained U-47700.

Guzman-Cabrera was captured in the Dominican Republic on 3 July 2020. He was introduced to U.S. Judge Magistrate James L. Cott at the federal court in Manhattan on September 2, 2020. Guzman-Cabrera was charged with one count of conspiracy to distribute controlled drugs, one count of trafficking of controlled substances over the Internet, and one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering.

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