Florida Darknet Drug Dealer “Chemusa” Sentenced to 210 months

A Florida resident was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Denise L. Cote to 210 months in prison for distributing an assortment of illegal substances on various darknet market sites, inclusing Alphabay and Dream Market.

From November 2015 to March 2019, Richard Castro, 37, of Windermere, Florida, conspired for trafficking over the darkweb of carfentanil, methamphetamine, and phenyl methamphetamine. Under the pseudonyms “Chemsusa,” “Chems usa” and “Chemical usa,” Castro and his co-conspiracy sold drugs over the dark web.

On 20 December 2016, an undercover officer purchased 50 micros carfentanil at “Chemical usa,” AlpchaBay. The investigation leading to the detention of Castro commenced. The investigation The undercover officer was issued a package on 12 January 2017 containing a substance positive for carfentanil that contained 0,53 milligram.

Between January and June 2017, the undercover officer made 4 additional shopping for “Chemical usa.” When the law enforcement agencies analyzed bitcoin transactions associated with covered purchases, they monitored the bitcoins in an unreported bitcoin exchange wallet. LE has been claiming that “Chemical usa” has placed over $1.8 million in the Bitcoin wallet between 2015 and 2017. During the same time he also removed over $1.77 million from the pocket.

The aithorities also centered on “Chemsusa”‘s Dream Market seller’s profile. From the profile information, LE found that “Chemsusa,” with its more than 1,800 transactions on AlphaBay, concluded more than 3,200 transactions on other darkweb markets.

In June 2018, ‘Chemsusa’ told Dream of the switch from darkweb marketplaces to its customers, where it would accept transactions via encrypted mail. It then asked ready clients to pay a fee of $104 for email address access. On August 14, 2018, the undercover officer forwarded bitcoins to Chems usa for a cost of 104 dollars, and on September 11, 2018 he got an email address.

The officer under cover bought 100 milligrams via e-mail from “Chemsusa.” He sent 250 dollars in bitcoins to a “Chemsusa” address. The investigators recovered a priority e-mail addressed by the US Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) to the undercover agent on 7 January 2019.

The package had a postmark ink showing that it was sent on 30 December 2018 from a postal bureau in New York. On December 30 LE officials checked a video from the postal office, showing that the package and five other priority mail packages were removed by Castro’s co-conspirator Luis Fernandez. 2018. 2018.

Reportedly, the investigators found 94 packs linked to ‘Chemsusa.’ LE allegedly connected 11 of Castro’s sender addresses directly. One of the medication shipments sent to a company running by one of Castro ‘s families was returned to a company on March 1 , 2019.

The investigators obtained information from a gold broker which revealed that a Richard Castro person used bitcoin to buy gold from the broker on April 7, 2017 and April 25, 2017. Bitcoins that were used to buy gold both times were extracted from “Chems usa’s” Bitcoin wallet.

On 7 November 2018, the police received an IP address for Castro ‘s home by purchasing a search warrant. The researchers found that the IP address used by Bitcoin wallet associated with Chems usa was used more than 502 times between August 2016 and November 2017.

The researchers have find that the IP address of Castro has been used to access the IP addresses similar to the email address used for drug marketing by “Chemsusa.”

On 12 March 2019, Castro had been arrested with his co-conspirator. Castro’s search resulted in nine weapons and two safety cabinets being confiscated for the security of private keys in various bitcoin wallets.

Castro pleaded guilty on 25 July 2019 to a conspiracy count selling carfentanil, phenyl fentanyl and fentanyl and a money laundering count.

On 8 October 2020, Castro was convicted of 17 years and 6 months in jail. Castro had already had a five-year term under probation and had a $4,156,198.18 forfeit.

Luis Fernandez, Castro’s accomplice, was sentenced to 151 months, was released for four years under probation and forfeited at $269,623.

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