Romanian Dentist Sentenced to 6 Years in Prison for Internet Drug Trading

Andrei Minea, a 39-year-old dentist from Tazlău, Neamţ County, was sentenced to six years in prison for selling high-risk and high-risk drugs. There is a European arrest warrant in his name after he fled the country before the final sentence was handed down.

Investigators assume that the dentist, who was also called “Doctor”, managed to leave Romania while he was under judicial control, while he was under judicial control, and that he arrived in Spain.

At one point, he violated the conditions imposed by the judges, he did not appear before the court when he was summoned, as a result of which, on April 2, 2019, the Bacău Court of Appeal revoked the judicial control and ordered his arrest. Most likely, Minea suspected that the sentence would be one of imprisonment with execution, and two weeks before the pronouncement he disappeared without a trace. Prosecutors then asked for his re-incarceration, but his lawyer argued before the judges “that the defendant’s bad faith cannot be restrained as it has not been established with certainty that he is in Spain”, according to the court’s reasoning of April 2, 2019.

It was also shown that, on March 13, 2019, the doctor was called to the Tazlău Police to be handed the summons issued by the Bacău Court of Appeal, he took note of the future appearance, he did not show up. The dentist was caught following an action of the DIICOT Neamţ prosecutors, one performed on July 6, 2018, the investigators showing that he owned and traded high-risk and high-risk drugs.

“It turned out that the drugs were purchased from the Internet, through the Darknet platform. The defendant, through a computer installed program, accessed the Darknet platform and placed online orders for amphetamine, MDMA, LSD, cannabis or hashish “, according to DIICOT. A virtual seller took the order and set the trading price, after which the defendant made the payment with the bank card, the national currency being automatically converted into virtual currency.

The envelope containing the drugs was sent from abroad, and a hotel or public location was mentioned at the sender’s address. At each order, the defendant requested 30-40 grams of amphetamine, 20-30 ecstasy tablets, five stamps impregnated with LSD and 10-15 grams of hashish or cannabis, paying 500 lei in the equivalent of virtual coins.

DIICOT established that, in the period 2016-2018, Minea placed on the platform 34 orders, which it also received at home, in an envelope, through the postal services, and in 2 years it introduced in the country approximately 70-100 impregnated stamps with LSD, 1,020 ecstasy tablets, 1,320 grams of amphetamine and 500 grams of cannabis and hashish. During searches of the home and at the defendant’s dental office, investigators found packages containing white powder, four doses of paper stamps, an electronic scale, two metal grinders and 70 bags showing traces of plant matter.

Prosecutors asked the judges to deprive the doctor of his liberty, and the magistrates admitted the request, being imprisoned until August 31, 2018 when, although the Neamt Court had rejected the defendant’s request to replace pre-trial detention with house arrest, the Bacau Court of Appeal decided to place in judicial control.

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