Anonymity Networks: anoNet

AnoNet is yet another anonymity network that’s less well known than others like Tor. It uses the IPv4 subnet Like networks such as Freenet and ZeroNet, anoNet is considered an anonymous P2P network.

The network uses several different routing and VPN technologies: OpenVPN, tinc, QuickTun, Quagga, and bird. OpenVPN is used as part of some other networks, such as dn42, as is tinc. In the case of anoNet, tinc is used to quickly connect nodes in the network to one another. Quagga and bird are optional; these are only used if you want your machine to be a router (somewhat like being a Tor relay).

Contrary to how complex anoNet might seem, setting it up is relatively simple. On Linux and Unix-like systems, for instance, it’s as easy as this:

Install OpenVPN: apt-get install openvpn
cd /etc/openvpn
/etc/init.d/openvpn start

Once connected, there are lots of other services available. According to the official site, they have a wiki, IRC network, XMPP server, forum, etc. Apparently, some of their services are down at the time of this writing, such as their search engine, webmail client, and bittorrent tracker.

Still, for those of you who love anonymity networks, like I do, anoNet might prove to be interesting. In fact, if more users start joining, some of the services that are down may get updated! Head over there, readers!

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