Internet Mysteries: County Bluff and Stopswitch Proxy

While looking into some of the other internet mysteries that have been investigated here, another one was mentioned on /r/barelysociable/, in which subjects like this are mentioned frequently. The post reads as follows:

If you youtube “County Bluff” or “Stopswitch Proxy” you will be greeted with 2 channels that are oddly similar in the way they operate.

My backstory leads off the “Flight 370 Twitter Voicemail” after I joined the discord and helped decipher things. Somehow these channels got caught in the mix of searches and they ended up becoming a center of focus, unrelated entirely to the main objective but so odd me and some others had to pursue what it was.

The videos themselves are strange in their own ways. Some will have coordinates. Some will be made along side slowscan radio images. Some with encryptions. Stopswitch is different because they have a Google+ that was active at one point.

Its [sic] weird and I find it odd theres [sic] not more coverage of it. I figured I’d make a video with one of my old colleagues that I had help during these times but feel free to dive in and join. Its a great exercise in decrypting if nothing else.

For the curious, County Bluff’s channel is here: County Bluff. They posted their first video, called “Antlers,” three years ago:

As you can see, it appears to just be someone wandering around in a wooded area, although there may be something more to it than that. In the description is a hexidecimal code, “41 72 65 20 79 6f 75 20 68 65 72 65 20 79 65 74 2e 20 41 6c 6d 6f 73 74 2e,” which translates to “Are you here yet. Almost.”

Another of the videos, “Berg bay,” while it appears to be innocuous, is of interest because its location, apparently, is in what some call “Alaska’s Bermuda Triangle,” according to one of the comments:

In the description of this video are also some map coordinates that presumably correspond to the location: 56.3558598, -132.0160901. Oddly, if you try get a satellite view of this location, Google Maps “glitches out” and just starts flashing. Maybe it’s because that particular location is some sort of military installation?

The second channel, Stopswitch proxy, is similar in that all of the videos appear to be encoded messages or puzzles of some sort. They’ve been sorted into a convenient playlist here: Stopswitch proxy.. The first video, for example, entitled “4f6e65,” is mostly a black screen with what sounds like someone walking around in the dark. The title is a hex code that translates to “One.”

The second video, “52656e646572,” (“Render”) shows someone wandering around in a dark room again, but it’s possible to see a few objects, like a desk and a basket. The description, written in binary, says “FederalHouse A2.” A person in one of the comments speculated that A2 refers to LAPCAT A2, a design study for a hypersonic plane.

The question is, do these videos have any significant meaning, or is it just another ARG trying to be edgy? If it’s not an ARG, they might be related to some sort of conspiracy theory. It would be interesting to hear your thoughts.

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