Internet Mysteries/Puzzles: holy3

A reader here asked if I knew anything about “holy3,” and thus I looked it up. It seems to mostly be a creepypasta or ARG, but I decided to look into it anyway. It looks as though the origin of it is a post on r/nosleep: Holy3 found me. They can find you too.


The story concerns someone who visits Tor for the first time and becomes a regular user after a while, and eventually receives a mysterious message like this:

m44: Do you want an elevated human experience?

me: Depends, what are you selling?

m44: It’s free.

What followed was a string of numbers and letters which anyone could tell was a TOR address.

I clicked it, spurred on by my curiosity, and was brought to a completely white screen with nothing but the word “Holy3” at the top. A chat bar appeared, and several other navigation toolbars popped up, but I never did get to investigate them.

Still, there’s a Holy3 blog on WordPress, if that sort of thing interests you; it’s a continuation of the original story. Again, while it’s pretty well written and intriguing, it’s not all that believable. The idea that there’s some malevolent A.I. stalking a person on the internet is ridiculous, although in a sense, companies like Google and Facebook do the same thing in a much more subtle way (more on this in a future post, perhaps).

There are a couple of “dark web stories” that have passed around that seem believable, one being this one from AskReddit, in which the narrator is using telnet to access different sites, and happens upon one that has confidential records on it. That sort of thing has happened to me before. In any case, no, there’s no Holy3, unless the A.I. wants to prove me wrong. You know where to find me.

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